(Santas looking for homes) 

Every Santa is signed and dated.  Each face is individually sculpted.  No molds are ever used.  All have glass eyes.  Special requests for dolls with a theme or the use of customer's heirloom fabrics, furs, or buttons are welcome. Dolls are approximately 23 inches tall. Exact measurements are given upon request. Prices vary according to time and materials. Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or requests.

Because settings can vary on different computer monitors you may want further clarification about some of the photos, if so please contact me by phone or email. Thank you for your interest in my work.



Blue Velvet Santa is carrying frosty woodland items. His wooden base holds a tree and a small bear.



Sheep toy Santa looks dapper in his holiday vest, red coat, and hat. The bear he's holding sits in a twig chair. His toy sack includes a handmade sheep along with a train car, tree, and other small items.



Starbright Santa is gazing at the star atop his tree. He's finely dressed in his woolen coat and is carrying a sack of toys along with a string of beads to decorate the tree. His woolen stocking cap is handknitted.



Santa "Boose" is dressed in a traditional red suit trimmed with recycled mink. He sits upon a wooden sleigh and carries a bag of gifts including a hand made stuffed bunny and a wooden caboose.



Sledding Santa carries a bag full of toys including a handmade jack-in-the-box, doll, and gingerbread man. His wooden sled was handcrafted. He sits approximately 20 inches high.